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Have We Gotten The Cart Before the Horse?

The days, most kids wouldn't have a clue what that expression means. But to get the cart before the horse is to have the horse pushing the cart instead of the horse pulling it. It means to have things in life out of order. If we analogize, and if we use Jesus as the powerful horse, and ourselves as the cart, which has no power except the horse, we can get a prospective on what would be wrong if the cart was before the horse.

Jesus doesn't want us running out in front of Him. He wants us to be obedient and follow. He doesn't want us to follow at a great distance, as would the cart if it were not attached to the horse, but He wants us to follow closely behind Him that we will be able to avoid all of the pitfalls in the road of life. If we follow Him closely, we will discover that He will never lead us astray. Follow Jesus!


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