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Happy Thanksgiving!

This year Thanksgiving will be a lot different from others for most of us. For the first time in around 70 years my family has decided to cancel our annual get-together and meal. Covid-19 has spiked to the point that hardly anyone doesn't know someone who has now died from this terrible plague.

It seems unspeakable when we think that this disease is decimating our economy and so far, has killed more than 260,000 of our citizens here in the United States alone. It is very sad. Though it isn't something we are used to during this modern age, it isn't unheard of either. Throughout history, many plagues had killed thousands of people.

With out current state of unfaithfulness to God in this country, I am not surprised that this sickness has affected us so. I once heard someone say several years ago, that God would owe an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah if no punishment comes upon our country for these vast amount of sin our people so proudly commit against Him.

Well, I don't know about judgement; I will leave that up to the Lord who knows the hearts of all people, but it is a fact that sin seems uncontrolled in our society today. We shouldn't be surprised when we see the results of the seed we have planted.

Never-the-less, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving since it is a time of pure fellowship and sharing with most American families. I always look forward to this holiday more than the others. So, whether you are alone, as we will be, or if you are with your family- be careful, wash your hands, and we'll ask God to protect us this Thanksgiving. So again, I say, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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