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Go Vote!

This year we are in an election season that will likely prove to be the most important election, not only of our lifetimes, but it may be the most important election in the history of our country. We as a people, are looking at two completely different views of how the US should be run and managed. If you don't do your civic duty and vote, all will be lost. WWJD! What would Jesus do? Well, you do what you think He would do.

You may have noticed that I never speak from the pulpit about politics. I have a reason for it. Though, like you, I do have a political viewpoint, the Lord didn't call me to be a politician, but He did call me to be a pastor. I'm not just the pastor of part of the church, but of the whole church. To voice a political view would instantly alienate me from whichever side I didn't side with. My job is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to unify the body of Christ.

Just remember when you go to the pole or if you mail in your ballot, to vote for who you know has views closest to the mandates of the Bible. Yes, the Bible actually does tell us what is good and what is evil, whether those things are popular during a particular historical time or not. But one thing is constant, no matter what time you live in; God's word doesn't change with the seasons or with the years. When you vote, search your heart for what you know about the word of God and apply your knowledge to the party or person your support, no matter how popular or unpopular that person/party is at that given time. Vote as if Jesus was standing beside you to approve or disapprove your actions; because He is.


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