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From Where Do You Get Your Strength?

Several years ago, before the internet, there was an exercise guru on TV named Jack LaLanne. He could do all kinds of fantastic feats of strength. He was also a nutrition guru and a motivational speaker. He described himself as being a "sugarholic" and a "junk food junkie." He lived to be 97 years of age. But the interesting part is that until the final days of life, he was able to do incredible feats of strength. Even in his 90's he could still do many "push ups" ! One reason for his continued vitality was he constantly worked his muscles. This continual "workout" kept him in tip-top shape- even at an old age.

If we could follow his pattern, and if we could apply that pattern to our spiritual lives, we would remain in "top" condition spiritually, even until we die. But what would have happened to LaLanne if he had stopped working out at age 40? His muscles would have atrophied, and he would have been just an average man.

Would you like to be a "Super Christian"? If you would, then you should daily work out your spiritual muscles! Pray, read your Bible, meditate on God's word, speak with others often about what God is doing in their lives and yours as well. If you do this workout, you will remain spiritually strong!

We serve a God who is Super! Let's be HIs super children! Work out your Bible!


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