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As we approach Thanksgiving, our family may be like yours in that we are trying to decide whether or not to meet for our annual Thanksgiving meal. If we miss it this year, it will be the first time we've not had a Thanksgiving family meal in nearly sixty years. In other words, our family takes these things pretty seriously. With that being said, I imagine that there are a lot of other families in similar situations. But this Covid-19 (China virus) has wreaked havoc on our country with about 250,000 people having died of it since it came to North America last winter.

It is interesting to assess the musings of people when they consider the virus. Some people simply stay inside away from others, (which is a good defense). But other people put a political slant on it and defy the virus and the government at the same time, by acting as if it isn't real. It is real.

Other people think of this plague as a test of faith. The don't wear masks, don't stay apart, etc. Even though this virus seems to be air-born, some people don' mind being in confined spaces with others whom they have no idea of that persons prior contacts. I am not passing judgement, just making observations. One thing is sure. Whatever you do, where ever you go, and whomever you are with, just bear in mind they may have been in contact with someone who had the disease, but they didn't know it.

So I think part of our family is coming for Thanksgiving, while others are not. What ever seems best to you is the thing for you to do. Happy Thanksgiving!


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