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"Come And Dine"

Our message for this week considers what we do with our time that God has allotted us while we are here on the earth. I think we get so involved with living life that we forget to live life. The Lord has appointed or allotted us only so many days upon the earth. If we get so busy with the things of the world that we forget the things of the Lord, we will one day, maybe sooner than we think, regret it.

Many people think that when we die that's the end of it. The truth is, that the end of our earthly lives is the beginning of life eternal. We were sent here for a reason; to honor, glorify, and work for the Lord. Our exit from these bodies is just taking an exit from the freeway of life. The exit isn't the end of the road, it merely brings us closer to our destination. If we get too busy looking at the scenery of life, we may find that we have missed the best part of life- working for the Lord.

If fear that we may become so tied up in our own work that we forget the work we were sent here to do. Don't forget

God's work. Actually, every other form of work is purely secondary to the work of God. Let's not waste our live on trivial pursuits while there is the gold of souls yet to be harvested!

At the end of our lives here on the earth we will hear Jesus say, "Come and dine"! Then our rest from the real work of our existence while begin, while we commune eternally with our Lord.


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