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Are You Lonely Too?

I think we would all be shocked if we knew what percentage of our fellows in the world are lonely! I see them every day. It is saddening to observe those who seem to have no home, no friends, no place or anyone to call their own. What can we do to help them? Does God love them? Do we love them?

How can we claim to be God's children when we bear no resemblance to Him in loving our unfortunate neighbors? If you have born children; was one of the first things you looked for in the delivery room, a resemblance to yourself? Does God look for a resemblance to Himself in us? I think He does.

I am afraid, however, He must not see too much of Himself in me sometimes. When I don't give as I should; when I am not kind as I should be; when I don't join in the assembling of God's people on a regular basis, I think God might not recognize my actions as being from Him.

So how do we react when we see someone in obvious need? Do we pass them by on the other side of the road? Do we proclaim to God that we are glad we are not like that other fellow? In our pride, do we privately think, "If she was as smart as me, she wouldn't be in this condition!" Oh, we would never say that- but would we think it?

Ask God what you can do today to honor His name. One day soon the King will reply, "Truly I tell you, what you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me," (Matt 25:40).

Jesus will be saying this about somebody. Will that somebody be you?

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