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Can You Forgive?

Fifty-six years after the end of the Civil War in America, a minister, George Swann, told this true story from slave days.

"A middle age slave had risen by his worth into great esteem with his master. One day, being in the slave market with this master, he noticed an old gray haired slave trembling with fear and weakness. He had not many more years for this world. The worthy slave begged his master to buy this old man. Partly our of curiosity he did. The younger slave took the old man home with him, and tenderly cared for him until the old man died.

"Why did you want to buy that old fellow?" the master asked. "Is he your father?" "No." "Is he your brother, or near kinsman?" "No." Years ago, he stole me from my village and sold me for a slave; and the good Lord has said, 'If thine enemy hunger, feed him: if he thirst, give him drink.' I am glad of this chance not only for a chance to do good to an enemy, but to do a little of that which God has had to do so much towards me."

We could well take a lesson from this wise slave. God forgives us daily as we need. Join me now in forgiving those who have hurt you and brought you grief.

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