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Is it Important to Keep Your Vows?

Today, if you go to the bank to borrow money, you must sign a large number of documents in order to protect the institution from being exposed if you don't pay them back. There was a time not long ago when all this wasn't as necessary. People kept their word!

In those days, honor meant a lot to folks. One's word was his bond. But now, that kind of "word Keeping" moral is almost forgotten.

Something bad is happening in our time. Our Lord admonished us to keep our word, just as He keeps His. David asked, "I will pay my vows unto the Lord now in the presence of all his people," (Psalm 116:14).

David's example is for us to follow. It is too easy to forget God and His commands, in favor or following the norms of today which may indicate that a promise broken means nothing.

What if we served a god that didn't keep his word? Could we trust him to take us to heaven some day? Could we trust him to answer our prayers? Of course not! Any so called god like I just described would be no god at all!

But out God is the only God! His word is good! You can trust His promises! You can believe on Him!

Keep your vows! Honor God in word and deed! Then trust Him for the result!

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