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For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!

Do you remember the old song by the title above? It is interesting that we say he is a "good" fellow. When called "good" Jesus asked the rich young ruler, "Why do you call me good? There is but one good, and that is God," ( Luke 18:19).

Yet each of us like to think of ourselves as not being bad, but comparatively good. Notice, I said comparatively. Compared to Christ, none of us would be called good, but compared to a mass murderer, any common person would be known as good.

Each of us should, however, daily compare our lives with our good Savior Jesus. When we see ourselves in light to compare with Him, we would be like Isaiah when he saw himself compared to God, (Isaiah 6). When we are compared with perfection, none of us really compare!

Let's ask God to help us correct our faults and be more like Jesus starting today!

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