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There aren't many of us who do not deal with at least some type of stress on a regular basis. Sometimes we even feel like we may be, (as Dr. Adrian Rodgers put it), "the chief rat in the rat race!" But stress is actually the gap between the problem and the ability we have to handle said problem. Sometimes, no matter how prepared we try to be, or even think we are, we just cannot meet the demand, then stress ensues.

Then there are those problems that have no explanation. We have a devouring difficulty that threatens to consume us, and it is completely out of our hands. The Covid-19 virus is one of that type of problem. We didn't bring it here, we can't control who around us has it and who doesn't. To whom do we turn? Can we be safe?

We can take all precautions and we should take them to protect ourselves from life's attacks, no matter where they come from. But the only true relief we can have must come from on high; from God.

We must not worry about this life. For the Christian, God has a plan for you! "I know the plans I have for you," (Jeremiah 29:11a). If God knows, then it is settled.

We should remember that the world was not created by us, nor does it depend upon us to handle all of its problems, or keep it running as it should. But instead, we depend upon the Creator to do those things.

God will keep you safe until it's time for you to go home. Until then

rest in the Lord. He will bring it to pass according to His promise.

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