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Many times when we send up a prayer, we are asking God to help us with a situation. Who are we trying to protect with our petition? When we think about it, a large part of our prayer life is asking God to take away or alter a situation in which we are a key player, and through which we might ultimately be embarrassed before our peers if things didn't go the way we think they should.

But have you ever been worried about embarrassing our Father in heaven. Too many times we are so self-centered that we only are thinking of ourselves, and not about how the actions we are taking will affect the ministry of Jesus who has sent us here to do His will upon the earth.Perhaps we would do better to trust God with the running of the world, (even our corner of it), and think less about how we can alter the plan by injecting our will into the problem.

We might do well to ask the Lord how we can learn from life's problems, as well as, how we can see more clearly to follow God through the current day's entanglements. It is true that whether we like it or not, we must "take up our cross daily" and follow Jesus, (Luke 9:23). This will sometimes lead to uncomfortable circumstances for us. In fact, we might be embarrassed on occasion, but never-the-less it is our duty as Christians to follow Christ's example and "do the things He did," not the things we want to do, in every case, (Rom. 7:15-20).

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