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With Whom Do You Identify?

All of us want to make a good impression on others, especially if we are meeting them for the first time. But there are fears associated with these meetings. Sometimes we fear that we will be recognized as being uneducated so we try to compensate by sounding more educated than we are.

Several years ago, I saw an interview conducted by a TV reporter with a college professor from California. The interview was contentious and the professor thought he would wow the reporter with a series of big important sounding words. I paid close attention and during one of the professors's patronizing sentences, he use the word, "nomenclature" ! What??? What does THAT mean? I had to look it up in the dictionary for the meaning of the word. The professor clearly failed to communicate! The whole idea of speech is to be understood!

Sometimes we Christians worry about being seen as backward or ignorant if we don't feel we can communicate on a high level.

Jesus entrusted the most important message that can be communicated into the hands of people like the disciples who had little or no education at all. You see, it's not the ability you have that makes the message important. It's the message itself that is important! No matter how smart or how dumb we think we are, God still desires us to communicate the gospel message in our own way- in the words we are used to saying! Just put it out there! They need to hear it in your own words!

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life!" (John 3:16).

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