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God Bless You

How much thought do we give to those who need a warm embrace? All around us, on a daily basis, we are surrounded by those who hide their pain in the shadows, never revealing the hurt, or sometimes an illness, that they fear might draw someone close to them. They don't want to "trouble" anyone else with their problems.

Sometimes the God given "intuition" we have is the only way we can identify the pain in someone's life. Remember, God, in His Holy Spirit is living in the life of the Christian believer. The Spirit guides us in that identification process. So what can we do to help those in need? We don't want to intrude where we are not welcome.

One of my personal past failures is not waiting, or exhibiting discretion. on occasion, I am too quick to give advice in areas where I am not so familiar. But, to be sure, all humanity is very similar. When people are hurting, they need someone to understand. Sometimes it is good to express in words, those things that God gives you in your heat to say to them. Other times it is better to just not say anything, but to just be there in warm fellowship.

A study of the book of Philippians will help the believer identify key ways to minister to those in need. Allowing the Holy Spirit to breathe a true "God Bless You" will start us in the right direction when dealing with those who need understanding. Be a friend when there is a need.

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