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What is Normal?

Recently, I have wished I could just go somewhere where everything is "normal". Then, I also ask myself, "just what is normal"? Most of us would say normal consists of the things and events we are used to. But when you think about it, in all of history, everything has continued to change from day to day. Nothing remains constant but God.

How would it be if nothing ever changed? It nothing changed, nothing would exist. There would have been no creation, no heaven, no earth, no people. The only One to exist would be God. But God ordered change. He spoke the word then, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth," (Gen 1:1). So we know that since the beginning God was and is. Since God has always been, He has seen all creation under His hand. He is in total control of all things, past, present, and future!"

We, Christians, are under the hand of God, so we don't need to worry about what goes on in this world today. Nothing happens without God knowing. The Novel Coronavirus has not caught God by surprise! He is never caught off guard since He knows all things. Do we have to be afraid? No. Should we be afraid? No, but we should be careful. Our Lord has given us wisdom not to jump off a cliff and not to needlessly expose ourselves to this virus.

But careful to stay apart and to wear protective gloves and masks. If you wear eyeglasses, that's all the better. Trust God and He will see us all though this. God's richest blessings to you! Before long, with the help of the Lord, we will be past this virus and hopefully things will be back to their ever-changing "normal."

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