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Cool Under Fire

Though I have never been in the military, I understand the necessity of remaining cool under fire. If a soldier loses his head under fire, he might also lose his life along with the lives of others. Good soldiers know to listen to the CO for instructions. In Christian life, it is the same.

If we break contact with the Commander, we may become confused in the process of life's battles and lose our bearing. The we don't know which way to go...we don't know where right is. It is important therefore to study the battle plan ahead of time to know which way to go in any circumstance. Where Jesus is- there we should be also.

Have you been studying the war book? If we are to defend ourselves against the wiles of the devil, we better know what the rules of engagement are. Read the Bible, pray and ask our Lord to guide you. He promises never to turn us away when we come to Him seeking wisdom, (John 6:37).

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