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Send a Letter to Josephus!

Well- actually you can't send a letter to him. He's been dead about two thousand years! But, who was Josephus? He was a contemporary of Jesus and His disciples. He lived in a world with little means of communication other than word of mouth and an occasional letter.

Our world is quite different. Today, you can send a message many different ways, including just speaking to your phone and it will transmit a written message to whomever you choose. Simple isn't it?

What is the message you most want to hear today? Would you like to hear that you just won the lotto? Or maybe, you would like to hear that your terminal illness has gone into remission. Perhaps you would like the details of the wedding you so wanted to attend, but just couldn't make it for some reason.

The message of all messages is coming from the sky one day! According to 1 Thessalonians 4:16, all Christian believers will one day hear a loud command from the sky accompanied by the sound of a trumpet, announcing that our day to meet the Lord has finally come! We will rise to meet Jesus in the air!

Are you ready?

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