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We Are in Autumn

Well, believe it or not, we are in Autumn! It will soon be time to get out the long sleeves again. It doesn't seem like it right now though with the temps in the high 80's as I write this. But to tell the truth, if I was a turkey, I would be getting a one way ticket to South America! His day of reckoning is soon to be here.

These seasons go by so quickly, it seems only a short time ago that we were enjoying the blooming dogwood trees. Now we are witnessing the Poplar leaves falling. Another year will soon come to an end. Which reminds me, our lives are like these years- they will soon come to an end too!

The trees are getting ready to shed their leaves in order to allow for new leaves next spring. We will soon be shedding our shells in order that our souls can meet Jesus in eternity, then we begin the new phase of life. Like a new spring when everything is fresh, so will eternity be for all who are Christ's believers.

How exciting it will be! Every breath will be fresh and clean with no disease, or cold, or hot, or any unpleasant things like we endure here on earth. There will be life in abundance as we enjoy the presence of God Himself! Do you know someone who should go with us but hasn't made the all important step of faith? Would you like for us to go speak with that person? Let me know and you and I will go tell them the truth about Jesus!

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