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We are very happy to report our attendance for the Homecoming Celebration was a huge success! Thank you to all who did so many things to make that success a reality. Many people cooked, bought, brought, told others, prayed, and did many other things in order to secure a great turn out. Thanks again to every one of you who did whatever you did to make the gathering possible.

I want to remind you again to be aware of our Wednesday evening services. It is a busy time for everyone, but if you are missing the mid-week services, you are missing out on a time to have your questions about the Bible answered.

Our next big event is the Harvest Walk. Please pray that the Lord will expand our horizons as well as our thinking so that we may be able to somehow show people who Jesus is that they may be intrigued to come and trust Him for their souls welfare.

I am reading a book currently by John Ortberg called, "Eternity is Now in Session." It is interesting in that it evokes thought about just what composes salvation. It salvation just a fire insurance policy? Do we have the right as believers to just rest and leave it all up to God, or should we actually be doing something? The jury is out right now until I get further into the book before I draw any concrete conclusion about what I think about the book. I will keep you posted.

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