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When Your Faith Dwindles

He replied, "You of little faith, Why are you so afraid?" Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm. Matthew 8:26

I wonder if Jesus in His humanity wondered why the disciples just didn't get it. In fact I wonder why I don't get it sometimes. Sometimes it seems like an everyday occurrence.

There Jesus was, all along, throughout the storm, and yet I fail to recognize Him. I know, at least in my heart, that God was still God, that the Holy Spirit is still me Comforter, and that Jesus was at the right hand of the Father saying, "Dad, I know what he's going through. Let's help him one more time." But in the midst of a tempest, a storm, a trial, it often seems like He was nowhere around.

Or or you not like me and my disciple friends? Do you have perfect faith? Strong faith? Big faith? Is your faith mature? More "perfect" than mine?

Sure, we always grow in our faith. And it is trials and storms of life that God uses so often to increase our dependency on Him; to teach us who God is and who we are not. But, you and I, if we are honest, know that our faith often dwindles. We often try to take on the storms with our own abilities. It may be like flying a paper airplane in a hurricane, but we will put our all into being independent. As dumb as that seems in reality.

And then our plane crashes.

Suddenly, we have nowhere else to turn and we turn our face to the Lord. Redemption comes! The comes the real strength and power, then come the real solution!

Our faith, as little as it may be, calls upon Jesus and all Creation bows at His name!

When was the last time your knew God to be God, no questions asked?

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