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A Homecoming

Our annual home coming is the 22nd day of this month. Seems like no time has passed since it was here last year! This year will be similar to the years before with a good meal, live entertainment by the Higginbothams, plus an antique car show and motorcycle show. To tell the truth, many of those antique cars were built during my lifetime. In fact, I remember when the brand new 1955 Chevy's came out! My dad had one. It was blue with a 283 cubic inch engine with three deuces! If you don't know what that is you'll have to look it up on the internet. I would hate to spoil your since of adventure by telling you!

We look forward as Christians to the other great homecoming! It will be the one in the sky when we will meet Jesus in the air! We have all tried to imagine what it might be like on that blessed day. We will get to see heaven but I don't think heaven is going to compare with the face of Jesus! That will be an indescribable time when for us, time will be no more- well, almost! I think we will be aware of time during the Millennial Reign of Christ which will last 1,000 years. Skipping many details of that time, I wonder if we will even care about time then since our eternal futures are already secure.

Then there will be a moment when we will be introduced to the final heaven. Do you think we will recognize it as being our home? Through the wonder to heaven, I believe we will instantly know our places there. Jesus went ahead of us to prepare a place for us there. When you get home, you will know it. Christ will customize if just for you. There's not going to be any little cabins in the corner of Gloryland. What God's hand finds to do, He will do with all His might! Hallelujah!

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