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How Placid is Your Life?

There is nothing more placid than a peaceful body of water on a virtually windless morning before the sun raises the wind to a level that will disturb the surface. Most of us love the peaceful feeling you experience at a time and place like that.

Have you thought about the peace of heaven? I can't help but wonder at the mixture of excitement and peace we will experience. Excitement at meeting the Lord face to face, but a perfect tranquility in our rest from the lives we have wrestled with on this sinful earth.

I feel sure there will be a time of adjustment when we first arrive at that wonderful place, but then I am confident that very soon we will recognize heaven as being the home we have missed for all the time we were here on earth. Though we live here now, our real home is there among God's perfected people.

We could never reach that place of wonder by ourselves or by our works.. we have nothing to offer in exchange for that perfect eternal life. Thank God though our Lord Jesus Christ, we don't have to work or trade for it. It is the gift of God to us. It is something that we could never have through good works according to Ephesians 2:8-9.

So the next time you see a placid body of water where it looks like glass. Think of the perfect peace of heaven where the street of gold is so pure, it appears as glass. Perfect peace, perfect are home at last!

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