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D Day!

Today is our remembrance of D Day! How can we ever forget what these thousands of brave young men did for us that June 6th day on the beaches of Normandy? They began the drive to push the Nazis out or Europe. It was the beginning of the end for the 1,000 year Reich. Adolph Hitler would only live months from that day, not years.Yet I fear many of our young are not remembering these events. They aren't being taught the truth of our historical heritage of freedom at a price. Freedom is not free.

I watched a documentary about six lads between ages 14-16 who had been sent by death train to the most terrible Auschwitz concentration camp. On the day of their arrival they hurriedly scribbled notes to each of their mothers just to let them know they were alive. When the Nazis discovered this they gave each young man a shovel. Then they marched them with soldiers in front and in the rear to a place and forced them to dig holes. Then the hung the poor lads and dumped their dead bodies in the six graves the kids had dug for themselves.

This is why we need to remember D Day. Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat the past. There is such perversion of the truth being taught in our society today. Many people are pro-Muslim. Do they not know that once Muslims take over our government they will work to get Sharia law in to replace our Constitution? They make no bones about it. That's their mission, to rule our country. Then all the freedoms our soldiers died for will be lost in totalitarianism. Women will be property of men. Equal rights won't exist. Remember D Day!

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