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Where Have You Been?

My parents used to ask me that question quite often! I usually didn't have a valid answer. You may ask, "Where have you been?" Well, I am sorry, but I have been really busy the last couple of weeks. It isn't that I didn't remember about the blog, but I had to dedicate my limited time on other church work.

Please allow me to brag on our church a bit. The ladies and gentlemen of Russell Springs Christian Church are so caring, loving and kind, it puts me mind of Jesus himself and his actions toward mankind. Our Lord was completely giving and mindful of us. I see that in the example put forth from our church members toward our community, and even toward strangers. Keep it up church!

Have you heard anything in the news about the advancements at U of L School of Medicine? Their most recent publication reports the groundbreaking technology that for the first time in history is allowing people with broken spinal cords to be able to arise and walk on their own without other people assisting! It works like this- It requires an electrode array, a wire extension bridging the cord break from the electrode, and a control device which is implanted into the skin. Essentially, it works by re-connecting the top piece of the spinal cord to the bottom piece, by use of the extension wire. People have to be re-trained to get up and walk, but two people in the program are actually doing it! They initially had to have assistance but now they are walking across open ground on their own! What a miracle! Only God can provide the knowledge necessary for this type of invention! Let's join together to praise Him for what He is doing!

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