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Goodbye Bro. Chris/ Hello New Year!

It has been wonderful for our church these last three years or so, serving with Bro. Chris! We know God has a wonderful future for you in His calling. As you begin your teaching career, we will continue to pray God's blessings upon you, while we thank God for you and what you have meant to us here at Russell Springs Christian Church. But alas.....even good things come to an end. Bro. Chris, we wish you the very best our Lord can give you in the future.

We are really excited about the future here at RSCC! Our Lord has blessed us with a plethora of opportunities to serve in His vineyard in the coming year. It's like being children on Christmas morning! Only opening the packages of time will reveal the gifts our God has stored for us in the coming months of 2019!

During this transition from the past to the future we are excited to invite everyone who reads our blog, not only to read this but to bless us with your continued faithfulness to serve the Lord with us here at Russell Springs Christian Church. Our church is not only a gentle body but an exciting one as well! We are anxious to saddle up and ride hard for God's horizon for us individually, as well as, collectively! As we continue to move in the direction of our Father, we trust Him for new challenges and opportunities to meet and invite new members into our body. If you are new to our area, please visit us here in downtown Russell Springs! We will be waiting for you with a warm smile and a friendly handshake. You are important to us!

And oh! the way.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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