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There seem to be three main approaches to the future. First are the people who are terrified of it, and so they do their best to predict it. Knowing the future is something mankind has tried to do for millennia, as the Greek oracles and biblical prohibitions against divination make clear. True, such knowledge would make planning easier, but I feel it would also just increase anxiety. Second are those who don't particularly care about the future and live simply for the now. To be fair, not everyone with this perspective has it by choice; it's hard to plan ten years down the road when you have to worry where your next meal is coming from today.

Finally, there are those who, rather than being worried about knowing the future, take a more proactive approach. These choose to shape the future themselves, making it what they want it to be and expecting others to adapt to their vision. These are the inventors and innovators, the leaders, the great speakers and philanthropists of our time. Some men and women just aren't content to sit idle and let things come as they may; they have to make things happen, creating the future as they go.

Scripture has a lot to say about worry, so I can't recommend the first point of view. I can't exactly get behind apathy, either, and I pray you're never in a position where you have to fight for each day. Let me commend to you the third option, especially for the future of RSCC. Our church is going through changes right now, and we need strong leaders with clear vision for the days ahead. Business as usual simply can't carry us through. Will you be someone who listens to the Holy Spirit and seeks to shape the future of the church according to God's will?

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