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After our Bible study discussion last night, I decided that instead of writing a devotional post today, I would give you a few resources to check out. If you want to know more about the Bible, church history, Christian doctrine, or something similar, these are good places to start. I've kept the technical stuff off the list, so these should be accessible for everyone.

Study Bibles

ESV Study Bible

NIV Archaeological Study Bible


Cornerstone Biblical Commentary series

NIV Application Commentary series

IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament -- Walton, Mathews, & Chavalas

IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament -- Craig Keener

Bible Dictionaries

IVP Bible Dictionary series, 8 volumes: Old Testament: Pentateuch; Old Testament: Historical Books; Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry, & Writings; Old Testament Prophets; New Testament Background; Jesus & the Gospels; Paul and His Letters; Later New Testament & Its Developments

Church History

The Story of Christianity, Vol. I -- Justo Gonzalez

The Story of Christianity, Vol. II -- Justo Gonzalez

The Old Religion in a New World -- Mark Noll

Handbook of Denominations in the United States -- Roger E. Olson


Classic Christianity -- Thomas Oden

Understanding Biblical Theology -- Klink & Lockett

Choosing the Good -- Dennis Hollinger

A Public Faith -- Miroslav Volf

Mere Christianity -- C.S. Lewis

Christian Living

The Cost of Discipleship -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The Screwtape Letters -- C.S. Lewis

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality -- Peter Scazzero

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