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Who Are You?

For her birthday this year, I bought Mom those DNA test kits for her and Dad to see where they came from. They had so much fun with them that I bought one for myself. My results came in this week, and I can now say I'm 88% of the British Isles (which surprises no one). I also seem to be 1% Jewish and 1% from all those "-stans" in central Asia (which are more surprising). The rest is a mix, but at least I know my ancestry. (I apparently get more from Mom than Dad.)

It seems everyone wants to know who they are and where they came from. It's why we take ancestry DNA tests, IQ tests, you name it. We all crave knowledge about ourselves. To my thinking, there's nothing wrong with that -- as long as we keep it in perspective. You're more than the sum of your parts, after all. More than your bloodline, your IQ score, your MBTI type. You're more than your job, your grades, and your stuff, too.

You're who God made you to be. Maybe that means you love cars and bluegrass music. Maybe you're a wife or a nephew. Maybe you're a pianist, a gardener, a friend, a hard worker, a fighter, a lover, or just plain You. If you're a born-again Christian, you're a child of God. That's the most important part of who you are, your most important identity. No matter your DNA, race, sex, job title, or any other factor, you can be a Christian. At the end of the age, when Christ sits as Judge, that will be the only identity that truly matters.

Who are you? Are you a child of God saved by His amazing grace? If not, you can be.

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