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I'm tired of writing posts like this one. Tired of seeing yet another horrific shooting in the headlines. Tired of knowing another congregation went to worship and was slaughtered in a house of God.

I'm tired of how evil the world has become. It's far easier to look around us and see the bad, for surely the bad must outweigh the good these days. The news programs blare about this scandal, that killing, the other war. I have yet to see a feature-length interview about "Man finds most adorable puppy ever" or "Is eating dessert the secret to losing weight? A recent study says yes." Instead we have wars and rumors of wars, whatever those conflicts might be. And I'm just tired of it all.

Brothers and sisters, I know you're tired, too. You're tired of the preacher saying "I don't know why bad things happen." You're tired of seeing the evil things in the world seem to triumph over the good, too. Tired of a God who seems distant, who doesn't seem to act in these moments of crisis.

So let me say this: when you're tired, have more faith than before, not less. Don't give up on God or start counting the cost of discipleship. We know that we await a new heaven and a new earth, a new Jerusalem, a perfect place free from the stain of sin and the corrupting power of evil. We are but pilgrims and sojourners in this vale of tears, trying to make our way home. Hold on to that hope of home. Hold on to faith in the promises of God -- and that God will always keep His promises. Weep and mourn for those who suffer here on earth, and do what you can to help them, but never lose faith that our God will make everything new. Suffering is temporary; God's peace is eternal.

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