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Tonight I begin preaching a revival at my home church, to run through Friday night. (My class won't meet tonight since the teacher won't be there.) I've been looking forward to this since they asked me to preach. It'll be good to be home for a while, to be back where I accepted Christ and where God called me to preach. Please pray for me and for the church over the next few days!

Not many churches have revivals anymore. I myself have been told they don't go over all that well anymore, even around here, and so I've only suggested we have one at RSCC one time. But I do think they're important for several reasons, particularly for those in the Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. Why? Revivals are our birthright. Were it not for revival meetings along the Kentucky frontier, our denomination wouldn't exist. Thousands of churches, especially Christian, Baptist, and Methodist, would never have been founded were it not for revivalism. Christianity spread and stayed in America because of revivals.

But they're even more important for what they do. Our world needs revival -- needs to live again in the Spirit of God. Too many churches have died. Too many Christians have left the faith. Too many people have never heard the name of Jesus. Too many die in their sins and go straight to a devil's hell. Why? Because we're afraid to preach the word more than twenty minutes a week. We're too lazy or apathetic to go to church three nights in a row. We stay too busy and put too many other things ahead of God and refuse to put them on hold long enough to go to an extra church service.

Folks, we can't do that. We need revival, in our towns, our counties, our states, our country, and our world. The stakes are simply too high.

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