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Roller Coaster

Ministry is a roller coaster. Since Thursday, I have stood by the hospital bed of a man on his last day on earth; I have preached at a nursing home where only a few people in the crowd can understand why I'm there and what I'm saying; I've celebrated with friends at their wedding; I've baptized a new member of our church; and I've attended the funeral of a friend and church member. Highs and lows like that are just part of the job, and I get to see people at their happiest and during their darkest hours.

Life is a roller coaster. No one has a perfectly stable life. We all have wonderful, brilliant, glorious days that fill us with hope and joy. And we all have days when it seems everything goes wrong, when we are wounded to our core, and when we're just not sure how we can keep going. Most days are somewhere in-between, thankfully. Good days and bad days are common, but we generally avoid the extremes of agony and ecstasy.

In the good times, we praise God. In the bad times, we cry out to Him. In all times, we give Him thanks that He is with us, that He is a good God and a loving heavenly Father, and that there is nothing we can suffer or enjoy that He doesn't know about in advance. I think God prepares us for both extremes, giving us the grace and foresight we need to handle whatever life may throw at us. And I know He stays with us, even on the normal days, and guides us through the Holy Spirit.

Personally, I'm hoping this week will be a bit more level and a bit less of a roller coaster. (But God's will be done.) May your life be what God wants it to be, and may you be aware of His presence with you no matter where life may take you.

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