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A Day in the Life

Every so often, someone will ask me or another minister friend, "So what do you actually do during the week?" (The less-acceptable variant is, "Don't you only work one day a week?") So as just a little glimpse, here's a list of some of the things I'll do in a typical week (or month):

  • Prepare (and preach) two sermons

  • Prepare (and teach) a Bible study lesson

  • Meet around twenty people per week in the office for conversations, counseling, or other needs

  • Visit homes and hospitals

  • Answer the telephone (a lot)

  • Get material together for bulletins, flyers, sign-up sheets, etc.

  • Plan church events with other members

  • Update the website after writing blogs, announcements, and editing the recordings of Sunday morning services

  • Post on the church Facebook page

  • Coordinate activities between teams or other members of the church (i.e., professional middle-man)

  • Prepare monthly newsletter items, including scheduling volunteers for Communion, Children's Church, Wednesday nights, etc.

  • Prepare and deliver a monthly sermon/devotion at the nursing home

  • Attend other monthly meetings (Men for Christ, Lena Hale, Youth Team, Board meetings . . . )

  • Answer questions on the Bible, church history, and theology posed by a wide assortment of people (church members [especially youth], other ministers, etc.)

  • Keep records of all the above

So now you know! What does a minister do? He preaches, teaches, counsels, visits, and does more paperwork than the IRS. Why does he do it? For the glory of God alone and to make disciples.

We all have busy lives, but we need to keep time for God, too. How can you worship while you work this week?

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