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Asking for Directions

Last week, I ordered a new desk. My desk at home has been moved one-too-many times, and it's been falling apart for a while. So I managed to time it just right, hit the right sales, and get a much better desk for what was close to half price. That desk was due to be delivered yesterday, but the driver couldn't find my road (you can't google it) and didn't call me to ask for directions. I'll now get it next week.

Sometimes we just need to ask for directions.

Men are notorious for thinking we can do all things on our own. Something comes with an instruction manual? Step One: throw away manual immediately. Step Two: proceed without directions. When on the road, we're never lost, because being lost would mean we'd need to stop and ask someone for directions. Instead, we just don't know where we are, or we're having an adventure, taking the scenic route . . . you know the drill. There's just something in us as human beings (probably pride) which keeps us from admitting we need help.

We can't afford to be that way in our spiritual lives. If we think we can do anything we want -- or nothing at all -- then we're fooling ourselves. If we think we can accomplish it all on our own without asking for the help and will of God, then we're lying to ourselves. Before we attempt anything major, we need to stop, pray, and ask for directions. Ask God what we truly need to do. Ask Him what we'll need to do to accomplish it. And then listen for the answer. Don't expect glowing neon signs, as helpful as those might be; instead, listen for the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to you. Feel what God wishes of you in your soul, then do it to the best of your abilities.

But please. Ask for directions first.

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