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Anniversary Message

Today marks one year exactly since you officially voted to name me senior minister at RSCC (even though I got here in February). We've accomplished a lot together in the past year, tried a lot of new things, and you've been behind me every step of the way. Together we've shared the gospel and seen souls saved; we've celebrated lives and mourned deaths; we've planned ways forward.

Also importantly, we've loved God and each other. We have a reputation as a friendly church as well as one dedicated to the Bible. We've shown love for our community through numerous outreach projects, and we've loved on each other through dinners, fellowships, and celebrations. We've demonstrated our love for God in all of those things, and we have kept faith in worshiping together each week.

As I told someone today, you'll never find a more supportive congregation or a church who loves you more than RSCC. And I mean it.

Thank you for a fantastic year, church. I'm looking forward to the next one! And the one after that, and the one after that . . .

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