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Technical Difficulties

This has not been my week for computers.

One has gone missing entirely, and the website has been stalwartly refusing to let me blog all morning (this is, in fact, the first time it's even let me type something aside from the title up there). All too often, progress gets held up because of a glitch, because one little thing just wouldn't work or didn't go right. Sometimes the failure can be major, though, and knock entire systems offline for days or even longer. That's usually when someone will politely announce "We are experiencing technical difficulties" and ask you to please wait as they try to fix the issue.

Life occasionally throws technical difficulties at us in ways that have nothing to do with machines. Our own bodies can get sick or fail. Our relationships with other people can become strained and need a bit of work. We grow distant from God and can't hear what He's trying to say or feel His presence with us at all. These are things which need to be fixed, some way, somehow.

It's hard to heal sometimes, and it's even harder to repair a friendship that has been destroyed. Fortunately for us, however, God's grace never runs dry, and He never decides to cut us off from His presence. When God seems distant, only one party has moved: us. He's right where He has always been, waiting for us to realize what we've done and come back to His arms. That's the love of God towards us: Christ died to give us a relationship with a perfect God, and that same God will always forgive and restore if we truly repent.

And I bet He could even fix my computer, too.

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