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Delay of Game

Today's blog was delayed a bit because, well, life happens. Some things in life we can prepare for; others, not so much. And then there are those events that, no matter how much you prepare, you simply can't be ready for. Other things get pushed to the back burner, delayed, while you deal with the new hand life has (temporarily) dealt you.

That sort of postponement is one thing, but many people in my generation (and those younger than mine) experience other significant delays. My group is the one who defined "failure to launch." We left home for college and ended up right back where we started. We couldn't find jobs, we didn't get married, and so the empty nesters suddenly found themselves with an overgrown child to feed. Eventually most of us found our place in the world and flew away one more time (hopefully for good), but adult life was delayed during that time. Bills, children, work responsibilities, all were shoved into an unknown future.

Other things can cause delays in life. There are studies which examine the impact social media, video games, and other technological pastimes have on human development, and we've known about other things which can stunt our growth, so to speak, for years. The body ages, but the mind and heart remain stagnant. Their growth is delayed, and adults remain, not childlike, but childish.

As terrible as such things are, there's one thing even more important which shouldn't be delayed: salvation. Prolonged adolescence and delayed adulthood may be one thing, but putting off accepting Christ as Savior is playing a dangerous game indeed. The stakes are your soul and your eternal destination. Do you want to take a chance on a forfeit which sends your soul to an eternal hell? Do you want to gain eternal life and be forgiven of your sins? Don't delay. If the Holy Spirit is drawing you to salvation, accept Jesus and put your faith in him today.

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