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Everybody on the Boat

Saturday is the church trip to the ark replica, and I can't wait to see it. Ken Ham, builder and founder of Answers in Genesis, has made it his life's work to advocate for a literal reading of Genesis, so I know his dedication will be present in the information he presents at the ark. I don't expect him to have every single detail worked out, and I think there will be large amounts of pure speculation since the only record we have is the Genesis narrative, but I know it will probably be the best guess anyone has had, and that intrigues me. (If nothing else, I want to see what he does with dinosaurs and a big boat.)

Sometimes I marvel at the fact only Noah and his family were saved. Eight people out of an entire world were spared. I can't imagine Noah, being a righteous man, wouldn't have preached to his peers -- and there's no way he could have hidden a boat that big, which is itself a conversation starter. Yet no one else was saved. Not a single, solitary soul outside of the Noah family believed in the wrath to come and repented. They chose skepticism and doubt -- and ultimately death.

People do the same today. We preach, teach, witness, and serve, but so few seem to repent. It could be their skepticism, their stubbornness, or any one of a hundred other factors. Regardless, they refuse to come to the cross and ask for salvation. In the here-and-now, they choose self. In eternity, they choose death. It's the same fatal decision of those who mocked Noah for building an ark.

Don't miss the boat. Don't reject the truth of the gospel and exchange it for a convenient lie. Be saved before it's too late.

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