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The End of a Journey

Since March 23 of last year, our adult Bible study class has been poring over the pages of the Book of Revelation. That's right: for one day short of a calendar year, we've covered a whopping twenty-two chapters verse by verse. We've studied history, prophecy, symbolism, millennialism, the odd language question or two, and everything in-between. Today I counted and learned we've spent a total of forty-three weeks on it (counting tonight). That's the rough equivalent of a fourteen-week college course, time-wise. So congratulations, group: you've just earned your three-hour credit in Revelation!

It's been a long journey, but it's been an incredibly rewarding one. We've had some great discussions about what we've read, and we've grown close as a class. Everyone, myself included, has learned quite a bit over the last year, but I think we've had two main takeaways from it all:

  1. We can disagree about specifics because all that truly matters is if we've been saved.

  2. When in doubt, say, "We don't know!"

Both of these will serve us well in life.

Since tonight we wrap up a year's worth of work on Revelation, the question everyone is asking is "what's next." To give us a change of pace for a while, we'll take a break from verse-by-verse study to address what I'm calling "Frequently Asked Questions." I told you I was saving some Sunday morning requests for a reason; this is it. Some things are best left to group discussions, and that's what we'll do -- and give you a chance to ask other questions along the way. I won't pretend to have all the answers, but I promise we'll find at least some of them together.

Thank you all for a great journey through Revelation! I'll see you on our next journey together.

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