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An Eternal Change

One night in college, a bunch of us got together and watched The Number 23. It wasn't my favorite movie for many reasons, but I still got sucked into it -- so much so, in fact, that, like the main character, I started seeing twenty-threes everywhere. Almost any number or significant word could somehow get converted into a twenty-three. This went on for a couple of weeks, but then my life returned to normal. The only lasting effect seems to be my memorization of the last half of Numbers 32:23: "You may be sure your sin will find you out."

Many things in life impact us very strongly for only a short while. New habits are formed, new routines established, only to fade after days, weeks, or a few months. (Think about the lifespan of the average New Year's resolution.) It's difficult for new things to have a lasting impact. It could be we're resistant to change; it could be we're stubborn generally; it could be we're not committed to whatever the new thing is; it could be something else entirely.

A relationship with Jesus, however, changes us permanently -- and when I say "permanently," I mean "eternally." Being made a new creation in Christ means our lives on earth are forever fundamentally altered. Our outlook and attitudes change. Our actions change. We live for others and for God instead of for self. In the next life, God sees the righteousness of Christ instead of our sins. We wear the white garment of the bride of Christ over a glorified and perfect body and enjoy paradise with our Savior. We escape the eternal damnation we deserve and exchange it for everlasting life.

Let God change you eternally. Give your life to Him, live as a new creation, and receive eternal life.

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