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On Wednesday at Bible study, I shared with the class how I've never had cable or satellite service. I admit I had an antenna in Kansas, but it stayed tuned to the 24/7 local weather station (because those exist in Tornado Alley, and they're very much appreciated). I just don't watch much TV. If I do, it's the DVDs of a show or Doctor Who on Amazon Prime. With that said, I might watch two hours of shows a week on average. If I'm really bored.

Since I don't watch TV, I need to do something else with my downtime. Usually I read; I've already finished four books in 2017, and I'm part-way through two others. That's as close to a hobby as I have at the moment -- and everyone needs a hobby. We all need downtime and rest to unwind, clear our heads, and get ready to get back in the game. Without that much-needed time away from our usual daily concerns, we burn out. Quickly.

God understood this and set the pattern for Sabbath as early as the opening chapters of Genesis. But when keeping Sabbath became a burden in itself, Christ came to give us a clear teaching on the subject: "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath" (Mark 2:27). In a nutshell, Jesus is saying God established rest for us because we need it, but we weren't created to keep a list of rules regarding that rest. That's one reason it's so great we all have different hobbies. Some of you may do the opposite of me and binge-watch your favorite television shows. Some have woodshops, some paint, some cook, some write, and others do other things. We all find rest in different ways.

The important thing is to take time for those hobbies. Have some downtime. And praise God for the blessings of rest.

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