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Roller Coaster

The last twenty-four hours have been an emotional roller coaster for our congregation.

At the end of yesterday's service, we celebrated with Becky's decision to follow Christ, accepting him as her personal Savior and submitting to baptism. The angels in heaven rejoiced with us as we hugged her, welcomed her to our church, and told her how proud we were she was now a Christian. There's nothing quite like the mountain-top moment of gaining a new sister (or brother) in the Lord.

By the end of the day, our dancing was turned into mourning.

It is with a heavy heart I write of the passing of Joy Lutz, a dear sister and servant of God. Joy suffered a massive stroke late Friday evening and was found unresponsive in her home Sunday afternoon. After being flown to U of L hospital, she was placed on life support. Joy's family gathered around her and released her to her eternal rest at around 5:30 this morning. Her funeral arrangements are pending.

But we are not a people without hope. Even as Becky gained eternal life and was baptized into the resurrection of Jesus, Joy now lives eternally with Christ. Together we await the final resurrection of the body at Christ's coming when we gain entry to that new heaven and new earth. We rejoice in the promise of our reunion one day, a reunion in which our new sister will now play a part. We hope in the promise of eternal life, and we eagerly await the day death itself will finally be defeated.

May we find comfort in Christ our peace for the loss of our sister Joy, and may we continue to celebrate the salvation of Rebecca Jacobs. Pray for both Becky, as she begins her Christian walk, and for the Lutz family as they mourn.

In love,

Bro. Chris

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