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The Gospel in Glass

One of the iconic architectural features of any stereotypical church is stained glass windows. Not all of them have them, of course, but churches and stained glass are inextricably linked in our collective consciousness. The two just go together. At RSCC, our windows portray the life of Christ, putting on display the full story of the gospel of Jesus.

As a matter of fact, that's what stained glass windows were created to do -- literally. They hail from a time in history when many people were illiterate (and only the clergy had access to the BIble). Since the general public couldn't read Scripture for themselves, the words were turned into pictures. These pictures shared the gospel and many other biblical stories with thousands of people who otherwise would never experience it on a personal level.

Our lives should be like those stained glass windows. We let in the light of God and display His love for everyone to see. Even if most people in our area today can read, not all of them will pick up a Bible. Most of them won't go to church. They may never see the gospel, never see the love of Jesus if it isn't on display in our lives. Our conversations should be full of grace, our actions full of holiness, and both full of love. In this way, others might see Christ illuminated by our lives, the gospel in glass. In this way, we can become living stained glass windows.

Our witness and our testimonies must point others to God if we dare call ourselves Christians. Let us live worthy of that calling.

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