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Sunday will be our Homecoming service and our second annual car show. Homecoming is always a great day. It's a day of worship and celebration, of fun and food, of family and music. This is a day for all of us to come together, reunite with those who were pulled in different directions, and praise God for all He's done -- and all He's currently doing -- in our lives. I'm a fan of homecomings.

Our earthly homecoming services remind us of a heavenly homecoming, the day we all look forward to at the end of the age when God makes all things new. We will finally go home -- to our real home, the perfect, eternal home we were designed to inhabit. Ours shall be permanent dwellings in a land unscarred by evil. At long last, we will be home.

It will mean more than that, of course. Homecomings here bring people together again, and the same is true there as well. We will once more see the faces of our loved ones who beat us to the Promised Land. Mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, all who died knowing Jesus as their Lord and Savior will be waiting on the other side. That, too, is our Christian hope. And who among us can think of heaven, think of home, without thinking of family?

While I look forward to seeing everyone at our RSCC Homecoming on Sunday, if I can only see you once more, I'd rather it be in the heavenly homecoming for all God's saved people. Will you be there?

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