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Vacation season is almost over. Those families with children still in school will soon return their students to the classroom. Those without children at home prepare for the coming autumn, the warm vacation weather and good traveling conditions to be gone in another month or two. Vacation days are spent, beaches begin to empty, roller coasters slow down, and we all settle in at school and at work one more time.

As human beings, we need vacations. We need time off, time away from our ordinary lives to rest, recharge, and relax. Even if you come home declaring you need a vacation from your vacation, it's good you got away for a while. A change of scenery gets the creative juices flowing again, causes us to regain our perspective, and overall just enjoy life again. I think this is one reason God ordained the sabbath for us. He knew we needed a day to cease from our labors and refuel for the rest of the week. We need a day of worship (whether that's a day off or a work day for you) to realign our lives to God.

Fortunately for us, God isn't human. He doesn't require rest, sleep, or vacation days. God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. That means He's always on the job, hearing our prayers, answering them, keeping the world spinning in its courses. The Creator of the universe doesn't take naps, doesn't go to the beach and turn off His phone. He doesn't take vacations. He is reachable 24/7; that's part of His love for us.

When you go on vacation -- and you should -- thank the God who never sleeps for His provision of rest.

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