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One of the primary ways in which we share the story of Jesus with other people is by sharing the story of us -- and by "us," I mean the tale of "Jesus and me." Our personal testimonies are real-life accounts of how Jesus Christ has made a difference, how God has truly achieved the impossible, and how the Holy Spirit has changed us into new creations. Testimonies make full use of both the true and the story to present compelling true stories to others about the love of God.

They do more than just display the data to other people, however. They showcase the emotional side and draw others in with what I call the "Me Too Factor." At times, the most powerful feeling in the world is best expressed as simply "me, too." These me-toos can arrest our attention like no other, especially when coupled with the power of God.

"I was a drunk once." Me, too.

"I cheated on my spouse." Me, too.

"I was a drug addict." Me, too.

"I was an atheist." Me, too.

"I was a good little church kid." Me, too.

"I was a sinner who needed salvation." Me, too.

"I was saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ." I can be, too.

Never be afraid or ashamed to tell your story, to share how God has moved in your life. You never know who needs to hear it, to realize they, too, can be saved, that Jesus died for them, too -- and that's good news!

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