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Would You Recognize a Friend?

After the crucifixion of Jesus, two of his friends were walking along a road one evening discussing what had happened in Jerusalem. Suddenly, another man joined them. He asked them what they were discussing. They then asked him if he was the only one in Jerusalem who didn't know of the happenings surrounding the crucifixion. Later, he revealed his true identity to them.

You might say there is no way you wouldn't have known who Jesus was, but these two didn't recognize him. Let's think about it for a couple of minutes. When there is a temptation to commit a sin you like, do you recognized him when you are prompted by the Spirit not to do that? When you have cross words with someone; do you recognize him in the the opportunity to make it right as soon as possible.

You see, many times we who are his disciples miss very big openings to do his work because we don't recognize him when he comes to us in that still small voice. Let's be sure to be watching, to be listening for the voice of Jesus in our hearts that we might no miss a great blessing by not seeing or knowing Jesus when he comes to us!


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