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Do We Need Lessons?

I am reading through a book titled, "Love Like That" by

Dr. Les Parrott. It is an amazing, eye opening book that addresses the love Jesus has for us. It details several accounts in the life of Jesus while He walk on earth, that frankly, makes me think I may need some lessons in how to be a Christian!

Actually, we all have a tendency to want to judge others for their actions while excusing ourselves for our own actions. Then, we also have a tendency to want to criticize others in the conscious or subliminal hope that in the process we will somehow build ourselves up in either our own eyes or the eyes of others.

In these things we need to be more like Jesus. If we would allow the Lord to size up matters instead of making ourselves the judge and jury, we would be more like Jesus. Jesus never attacked anyone for their sins as we do. It doesn't matter with us if they really are sins, or not. We just want to make that decision on our own, then we can pay them back or show them something.

Actually, we would do well to allow God to be the judge of both us and those we might disagree with. He doesn't make mistakes, and in the end, all will be taken care of. Trust Jesus! He will make it right!


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