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Wait!! Who's in Control?

You may be one of those who is having trouble in one area or another trying to resolve who is in control. All of those people fit into one category- they are all HUMAN BEINGS! We were born with a sin nature. All of us have it, whether or not we wanted it. Steppenwolf said we were, "Born to be Wild!" Jesus said something different!

Jesus who is God, came to be clothed in human flesh that He might live a sinless, perfect life on earth, in order that He could die on the cross of Calvary to pay for our wild sin nature. Only He can bring that nature into submission that we might, through Him, have eternal life! Those who trust in Jesus will be forgiven of all sin, past, present, and future, regardless of their nature to sin.

So why does Jesus want to be in control? Because He is something that our human, sinful nature would deny. God is love! He loves you unconditionally, and Jesus died on the cross to give us all the opportunity to love Him back, (His desire for us). Your father may not have loved you, you mother may not have loved you, You siblings, and even your closest friend may not love you, but Christ does! His deepest hearts desire is for you to come to Him to receive His love in full measure! Won't you come to Him right now? Please read the gospel in John 3, (the New Testament). Read the whole chapter with emphasis on verse 16.

Eternal life is waiting for you there.

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