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Be Thou Exalted!

As I was preparing the message for Sunday morning, the song, "Be Thou Exalted" just popped into my mind. Our Scripture is Isaiah 6:1-8 which is about Isaiah realizing the holiness of God upon His throne in heaven. I believe our Lord sends us messages like this song to go along with the Sunday morning worship service.

There are no coincidences with God. In His plan for all life, coincidences wouldn't fit in. Luck has no place in God's perspective. God and only God can put all the pieces of life together to bring about His desired result. And only He fully understands the meaning and significance to every act of man. We then must learn to trust and obey Him

We we think of God, we picture Him in many differing ways depending on the time and situation during which we experience the thought. Many times we see God as warm and snuggly, but other times, high and holy. But I think if we could see God high and lifted up as in the previously mentioned Scripture, we would definitely begin to have a different understanding of the power and might of God. Read our Scripture and search your thoughts about God for a fresh perspective about Him.

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