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How Exciting!

This week we will enjoy our Homecoming here at church! Historically, the churches in Russell County have made a big deal out of what we now call "Homecoming". It is no wonder either!

This all got started with the "graveyard working." Back in those days churches usually couldn't afford to have someone hired to mow and care for the cemetery, so once per year all the people of the church and surrounding communities would gather together about this time of year to care for the graveyard. Soon, they decided all that hard work should be rewarded with a good meal. Thus, the meal!

Then, as the event grew ever increasingly popular, some enterprising folk decided that they would also set up booths to sell different types of food at these events. Then, a carnival atmosphere began to take over which at some churches included rides on hay wagons, peoples new cars, etc.

Finally, one church in the Gosser Ridge community featured airplane rides in a field adjacent to the church! This was in the days of bi-planes which would take off and land in a very short distance. How exciting! It gave a whole new meaning to the song, "I'll Fly Away!" Caring for the graveyard, eating exotic food, and getting to take a ride on a real airplane all in one day!

Is it any wonder that homecoming events are still so popular? Hey, make sure you are here this Sunday for our Homecoming services. You may not get to ride on a real airplane but I guarantee you will have a good time. See you Sunday!

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